Learn To Sew A DIY Hanging Tea Towel

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It’s good to keep plenty od tea towels handy in the kitchen, and what better way than to have them within arms reach hanging on the oven or refrigerator door handle. Not only is it handy and makes complete sense, but it also adds to a rustic country kitchen vibe that looks so homey and lived in. I went searching for the cutest DIY hanging kitchen tea towels I could find and I saw this gorgeous tutorial n Youtube. You can order June Taylor’s Hanging Towel Kit available here at Shabby Fabric’s link https://www.shabbyfabrics.com/Search.aspx?k=towel+batting

The instructions were easy to follow and the project is easy to make without the kit as well. I was so excited about the project, I couldn’t wait for the snail mail to deliver my kit, so I made one just following along with my own materials. I started by looking at what actually comes in the kit.

Then I just put my fabric pieces together and sewed my batting arrow shape in.

Then I just put the whole thing together, carefully putting my pleated towel fabric up to the interior batting of my button-down holder part.

Then I just sewed the lovely pleated towel down and set my button, created a buttonhole and used an antique porcelain button, June Tailor’s kit from Shabby Fabrics comes with a covered button kit which is really cool as well, but I had been wanting to use my antique porcelain button for a while and it looked perfect with the fabric I chose. It also occurred to me that a busy cook might even want to use a velcro closure for easy access. In any case, this is a super project and very rewarding, I highly recommend it.

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