How To Regrow Supermarket Lettuce In H2o

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Of all the films on rising your individual foodstuff from scraps movies that I have viewed on Youtube, this online video by Tikki O is the most fantastic. In this video clip, Tikki employs an outdated school, attempted and legitimate dilemma/ remedy scientific technique to respond to her own issue of, can you increase new lettuce from the close of a retail store-bought romaine stalk? The solution is yes, and how she went about finding this out on her journey of growing lettuce was an absolute inspirational delight. Tikki cuts the ends off the romaine lettuce she bought at the grocery shop and basically grows leaves tender enough to eat in just two months. You can allow the plant mature and expand and in the finish, it will turn out to be a very tall, self replenishing hydroponic ecosystem with a hardly ever ending source.


  • A recycled jar with a basket very well (generally a hydroponic mechanism)
  • Lettuce
  • H2o
  • Sunlight


In this fantastic video clip, you will master to consider the outdated end little bit of your lettuce from the supermarket and expand an infinite offer of new tender lettuce leaves.

Tikki works by using old, recycled espresso jars to dwelling her hydroponic lettuce and makes a clever basket to maintain her lettuce stump with a plastic cup that she drilled holes in. All this hydroponic set up desires is a heat sunny area to improve, a window sill performs pretty well listed here.

I’m so glad I observed this hydroponic lettuce thought, I just can’t wait to start off my personal recycled lettuce garden.

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