How to Make Crochet Fringe

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Crocheted fringe is the hallmark of all the good Sixties and Seventies boho fashion, it looks fantastic on just about anything from blankets to ponchos. I had generally believed it as truly tricky to make so I truly shied absent from designs that had a fringe, but when I observed this wonderful movie tutorial by Hectanooga 1 on Youtube, she really was like a fantasy-busting hero who blew away these outdated thoughts and presented a truly basic way to make crocheted fringe as an addition to any pattern you are producing. The way Hectanooga clarifies how to make this fringe in a incredibly uncomplicated way, she uses an normal Bic pen to evaluate how extensive you make the very long loops that will turn into the fringe tassels. Soon after you take care of to learn this approach, you can conveniently modify this fringe to make it as lengthy or as brief as you would like. This is a seriously amazing way to increase a thing new to an present garment or decorative item as perfectly, you could sew a chain of this crocheted fringe to just about anything.


  • Yarn
  • A crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • An ordinary disposable pen


In the movie, you will master how to pull a extensive loop that will become 1 of the fringe tassels. You will use an common disposable pen, these as a Bic ballpoint, to gauge how long you want your fringe to be.

Then you twirl the crochet hook all-around 20 periods creating the loop definitely dense and taught then you will be proven how to loop it back again in, fastening it to your do the job.

This approach is super effortless and helpful, I’m so glad I discovered it.

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