How To Make A Vacuum Cleaner Employing A Soda Bottle

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I lately noticed this Do it yourself vacuum cleaner by Navin Khambhala on Youtube, and I had to chuckle when I first laid eyes on the homemade canister vacuum simply because it was these a sweet concept. This could be a enjoyable challenge to do even though paying time indoors. The cutest section of this venture is the homemade enthusiast you will make out of a can, you could use a Coke can to make it more adorable. The very little Diy enthusiast can even be hooked up to a clamp and utilized to awesome down when you are sitting at your desk location. Aside from the usefulness of this task, it is just magnificent to know how things functions and this is a fantastic instance of how a vacuum cleaner basically sucks up the grime in your house.


  • An old soda bottle
  • A box cutter (or Exacto knife)
  • A tiny motor
  • A can (to cut a lover)
  • Some wires
  • Styrofoam
  • A hose


1st, you will slice your bottle into sections to make the canister portion of your vacuum cleaner. Then you will lower a can in the shape of a admirer and add a motor to the back of it. This will form the suction section of the vacuum cleaner.

Then you will glue your admirer and motor inside of the conclude of your bottle. Then in the video tutorial by Navin Khambhala, you will find out to slash the handles out of styrofoam and put your whole venture alongside one another.

I just can not hold out to make this Do it yourself vacuum, what a conversation piece.


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