How To Make A Strawberry Planter Out Of A Laundry Basket

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how to make a strawberry planter

Strawberries are one particular of the most succulent fruits that are component of our great environment. Rising new strawberries is anything I have constantly needed to do but normally considered that I essential a large area of land, and a planned backyard garden to be in a position to do successfully, but not so, in accordance to this notion I just discovered. When I saw this remarkable video clip by Yard Respond to on Youtube, I was surprised at the chance of becoming in a position to grow lovely strawberries in a smaller area, these kinds of as a patio or porch. This task is so wonderful, even the man or woman with barely any outdoor area at all can mature a great fruit crop.


  • A laundry basket (most will work, but a basket with substantial holes will work very best)
  • A burlap bag (you can get these from the feed keep or area hardware shop)
  • Soil (the best potting soil you can discover will be wonderful)
  • Scissors (to slice holes for your strawberry plants)
  • Crops for the prime (I would use another berry or herbs)


Initial, you will area the burlap sack inside the laundry basket and incorporate your top rated-grade potting soil.

Then, get your scissors and slice holes in the bag, by way of the gap opening in the laundry basket.

This is a single of the quite best at household gardening strategies I have at any time seen. I look at a good deal of Do-it-yourself gardening films, but this a person really stands out. What a wonderful idea!


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