How to Make A Bandana Face Mask, No Stitching Demanded

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I identified a excellent Do-it-yourself fabric facemask by Kristen Omdahl on Youtube exactly where she is employing a bandana to make a barrier facemask. Fortunately bandanas are something I have a good deal of since I was a short while ago making bandana pillow handles and purchased way much more bandanas than I really required. Not only will this mask perform with bandanas, but it will also work with scarves of any form. Not only is it a no-sew mask but it doesn’t call for any fabric glue both, all you have to have are 2 rubber bands to maintain this together. I know there are numerous barrier mask tutorials on Youtube that have to have a sewing equipment, but many persons do not have a stitching machine and you however want a sturdy barrier mask to use alone or to set above another disposable paper mask for added security. There are numerous reasons to decide on a cloth mask and as a rule, they are my choice since you can sterilize them in your wash with numerous purely natural substances these as distilled white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or Clorox Bleach alongside with your favored laundry soap. I place a pair of drops of necessary oil on my fabric facemask, to include a little bit far more of a barrier in between my air passages and unsafe contaminants. The other factor I appreciate about this fabric mask is that there is a layer of cotton batting which actually adds to the protecting barrier layer. The components are truly basic and uncomplicated as effectively. Nevertheless, the masks that you can make at household are not demonstrated to protect versus COVID 19 and I have only produced them in a pinch to don with yet another disposable mask. For in-depth facts about how to guard on your own from COVID 19, be sure to check out this website link from the CDC Site describing all secure tactics through the COVID 19 outbreak.


  • A Bandana
  • 2 Rubber Bands (or hair ties)


In the movie, you will learn to fold the bandana properly to make a mask form.

Then you will attach rubber bands to just about every stop and fold the remaining bits in building this wonderfully basic mask. 

This is the simplest mask tutorial still, just enjoy it! No sewing or gluing!

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