How To Fix Cracks On Sidewalks and Driveways

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I observed this exceptional video by Mr. Components on Youtube, the place he repairs cracks in a slab that has been mud jacked. Mud jacking is a process in which holes are drilled in a slab and a mud slurry is injected to float the slab to raise it up if it has been sinking. The poor detail about any basis fix is that the top rated concrete is going to crack with any motion. So Mr. Harware arrived up with an excellent Do it yourself technique to repair these cracks and make your sidewalk or driveway safer to stroll on. Mr. Handyman starts off by filling all the cracks with a minimally expanding foam, termed Contact-N-Foam Home Seal and operates it along all the gaps. Then, he shaves the foam down flat right after it completely dries. At the finish of this procedure, he puts caulk around the shaved down foam and the repair will very last about five yrs or so. The best issue about making use of the spray foam in the cracks is that it expands and contracts with temperature circumstances, so it stays intact.


  • Touch-N-Foam Property Seal (spray foam, small expanding)
  • Self-leveling caulk sealant
  • A razor knife


First, you will spray the expandible foam into all your cracks. You can get about 16 feet out of each individual can of foam. Then when the foam is completely dry and has thoroughly expanded, you will slice away the extra with a razor knife.

Then, you will deal with all the foam filler with caulk sealant and the career will final about five yrs.

This is a great approach of fixing cracks, I will be trying it shortly.

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