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Mason Jars are so terrific for so a lot of unique works by using. I usually retain a circumstance of mason jars on hand that I get at Michael’s Craft Retail store when they are giving their 60% off coupon due to the fact you by no means know when you are likely to need to have them. I have been so interested in expanding my possess foodstuff at residence, but my room is somewhat constrained. I have a nice big window sill in the kitchen which helps make a great heat spot with a good resource of all-natural daylight for quite a few growing concepts. I a short while ago observed an fantastic video clip on Youtube by Mefford Endeavors LLC on Youtube that explained how to grow hydroponic plants in mason jars and the mason jar planters appeared like they were being likely to be fantastic for my window sill. The hydroponic mason jar by itself desired to be wrapped in newspaper to reduce algae development so I had some antique newspaper clippings that I decoupaged on to my mason jars for a genuine state homespun farmhouse seem.


  • Jiffy Pod Starter Plant seedlings
  • Quart dimensions Mason Jars (narrow mouth)
  • Dannon plastic yogurt cup
  • A wooden burner (or soldering iron)
  • Plant foods
  • H2o
  • Newspaper
  • Packing Tape


In the online video, you will learn how to prep your jars and plant your seedling pods in plastic yogurt containers within the mason jar that is protected in newspaper.

Then you will watch this magical hydroponic development sprout up into a neverending offer of delectable food items for the overall loved ones. 

This hydroponic planter idea is so sensible and appears astounding to boot!

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