DIY Watercolor Effect On Glass Ornament

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It’s never too early to plan your Christmas Decor and when I saw this gorgeous  DIY Watercolor Effect on glass ornaments I started planning my tree right then and there. I had a bunch of clear ornaments leftover from Christmas of last year and I also had all the watercolor inks and the spray canister duster that I use to make my alcohol ink projects on Yupi Paper. So, I had no excuse not to start this fantastic project right away. I laid out newspaper on my craft table, lined up all my supplies and got to work. I removed the top of the ornaments and dropped my colors in one at a time, rolling them around to spread them out, then gently squirting the spray duster inside the ornament to help spread my droplets around.

Holding the skinny long nozzle of the dusting can directly inside the ornament, aimed at the last paint droplet I placed inside.

I didn’t use the color scheme as in the video, I had a complete vision of my own for this project, I saw the beautiful watercolors and they made me think of Monet’s Water Lilly paintings. So I found a flocked tree in pale moss green and did the ornament colors in several shades of pink and green. For an added zap of drama, I added little crackles of gold sparsely inside the pink and green melange. I used all white lights, for a natural outdoor look and made little shiny satin bows at the end of pipe cleaners and added them to every branch of my pale moss green flocked tree. I placed the tree in the bay window alcove in the back of the house so the family can see it from the back yard. It’s only September but my family is going to be ready for Christmas.

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