DIY Clothespin Star Ornaments

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Do you love finding simple DIY ideas that don’t take tons of time or cost lots of money? Crafting is my favorite pastime, but lately, I have come to realize that I often spend way too much money on supplies and there just might be some inexpensive options I could start making instead. I went on the hunt for dollar store crafts and not all were things I actually wanted to make. Then, I came across these amazing Christmas Star Ornaments on Youtube made from clothespins and knew I had found my next weekend project idea. I started by dumping out my entire bag of Dollar Tree Clothespins on the table and taking them all apart. Then I glued both sides of the clothespins, backs together then started arranging a star pattern as I went.

Then I glued some clothes pins front sides together, but upside down.

Then I just glued them all together with my trusty hot glue gun and painted them all with craft paint, you can use spray paint, remember there is no real wrong way to do DIY projects it’s all a learning experience. Then when the paint dried I mixed a bit of Elmer’s Glue with water and brushed it lightly onto my ornaments then sprinkled with different contrasting shades of glitter.

When it comes to both country crafts and dollar store DIY ideas, not sure you can find a project much nicer than this one. Super cute, really easy to make, and quick, too.

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