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Air Fryer bacon is so scrumptious due to the fact you are not cooking it laying in a vat of grease. The bacon you make in an air fryer comes out perfectly cooked and not the least bit excessively oily. Cooking bacon in the air fryer is akin to cooking it on a baking sheet in the oven apart from for the truth you can prepare dinner t without ruining a beautifully fantastic hunting baking sheet and turning it into a baked-on mess. The air fryer cooks your bacon evenly and helps make it correctly crispy without having these weird bits that look to get overcooked in a person region and undercooked in a further. In reality, there are so numerous factors to use the air fryer for cooking bacon, but my favorite rationale is that you really do not get splattered by popping grease and likely injured by the total cooking process. There have been lots of moments I have been downright hurt from my bacon and that absolutely puts a damper on the enjoyment of your food. The ingredients are the exact same as frying, you will only need some bacon and an air fryer.


  • Bacon (thick lower functions greatest)
  • An Air Fryer
  • Paper Towels (for draining)


1st, you are heading to preheat your air fryer for 12 minutes on 360 degrees. Then you have your bacon prepped on the air fryer tray with a layer of aluminum foil beneath (to make for an uncomplicated clean up), then cook for 10 minutes, then open up the air fryer and convert over the bacon and cook dinner for an further 2 minutes.

Then you will take away the wonderful thick-slice bacon and bacon and drain the excessive oil off by laying the bacon on some paper towels.

I am in enjoy with my air fryer, I would not trade it for the earth.

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