5 DIYs You Need For Your Garden

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Love spending time outside in your garden? I do, too, especially now that I have taken my DIY abilities to another level outdoors! Last summer, I made a bench for my garden, the first do it yourself idea I had created other than home decor items and gifts. We have enjoyed using it year round, so much so that I started on a few more creative DIYS for my garden this spring. I was amazed to see how many clever and creative ideas there were on Pinterest for gardeners. From fountains to bird feeders to cool, creative planters, this list of DIY gardening ideas is sure to keep you busy, and happier than ever when you are outside in your yard and garden.

1. Sparkly Beautiful Beaded Garden Wind Chime


2. DIY Bird Bath


3. River Rock Garden Markers


4. DIY Flower Pot Fountain


5. Small Vegetable Garden Using a Garden Spiral


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