13 Painter’s Tape Ideas

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Blue painter’s tape can be one particular of the most practical items in our workshops. I am so fired up that I discovered this incredible online video by Inspire Woodcraft on Youtube, which describes 13 ingenious means to use painter’s tape. This video describes completely, every single of the 13 methods that the painter’s tape can be utilized for any woodworking task. Painter’s tape is effective wonderful for your wooden slicing, wood gluing, wooden drilling, and even securing your wooden to a surface to comfortably get the job done on a task. 1 of my pretty beloved guidelines was the utilization of a modest square of painter’s tape to make a glue applicator with a handy spout, to definitely supply your glue exactly where you need to have it and to continue to keep it away from spilling out on to other places. All these suggestions can support make your woodworking go actually effortlessly and hold all your equipment clean up.


  • Blue painter’s tape (masking tape will operate)
  • Wood
  • A noticed
  • Glue


Just one of the most amazing concepts in this movie is the plan of encompassing your wooden with painter’s tape prior to you observed it, to continue to keep the wooden from fraying and splintering. I have presently attempted this notion and it truly works!

Just one of the other amazing strategies introduced in this video clip is the utilization of a circle of blue painter’s tape to secure your task to a function surface, that prevents any slipping though you drill.

These painter’s tape strategies are excellent, I am so happy I identified this useful video clip.


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